Ops don't have to be a whole operation

Operations At Large

Operations At Large is your resource for contract, ad hoc, or long-term support of your operations needs.

Operations Shouldn't be a Headache

And with Operations at Large, they won't be.

"A good operations team runs so well that you forget that they even exist"
-Kendra Kesterson

Kendra started her career in operations with a role managing a scale house for a busy container port in the early 1990’s. There, she learned immediately that “operations” meant ensuring that all of the little behind-the-scenes jobs that allowed a company to function smoothly on a day-to-day basis were actually done, even if that meant doing them herself.Since her time at the scale house, which included everything from staff management to even the occasional turn behind the wheel of a forklift, Kendra has worked in nearly every conceivable office role and has expanded her skills to include: general office management; recruiting; accounts receivable; accounts payable; vendor management; obtaining, reviewing, and negotiating contract bids; project management; and much more.Whether you need a receptionist to answer phones, greet clients, and make coffee; or an operations generalist to review resumes, pay the bills, and make sure the CEO is booked on their preferred airline, Kendra is happy to do it all in the name of making sure that she is meeting both your and her own personal standards of operational excellence.


External Recruiting without the Recruiter Pricetag

Even with the most advanced Applicant Tracking Systems, the average company spends hundreds of employee hours on the early stages of talent discovery.You don't need to be reviewing resumes and performing screening calls! Let Operations@Large perform the heavy lifting and present you with a list of qualified candidates so that you can get on with what's important.

Accounts Receivable / Payable

Help for your AR & AP Team

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable are what keep the gears of a company turning.Literally!Keep your company moving by letting Operations @ Large help you with initial AR/AP setup; transferring to new systems; or with weekly, monthly, or annual/semi-annual auditing procedures.We're here to help!

Virtual Office Management

Ad-Hoc Problem Solving

You never know what issues are going to arise until they're there.In a chaotic Remote Work world, you may find yourself trying to do it all: find last minute reservations while finishing up a funding round while also trying to organize an offsite.Let Operations @ Large take some of the load off of your plate so that you can concentrate on what's important.Solving problems so you don't have to!

Satisfied Clients

You'll notice that there is a section that is missing from the typical website:A list of icons or names of clients that I have worked with in the past who would like to sing my praises.That is because at Operations at Large, the very first thing that we will do is sign a comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement, ensuring your complete and total privacy.As long as our activities are legal, nobody will even know that you were employing a contractor, and nobody will know that you were my client. Discretion is guaranteed.I look forward to hearing from you!Cheers,


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